The Future, Uncapped.

Captur is coming for the $100 trillion
asset management industry.
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Captur Ecosystem
Our ecosystem consists of active traders, passive investors, and DeFi yield seekers.
Eagles act as asset managers and spot opportunities. They back their trade ideas with ETH, DAI or USDC – and earn performance fees.
Wolf investors sniff out the Eagles' best trade ideas and rally around them by staking crypto like ETH, DAI or USDC.
FRCK NFT Collection
The FRCK NFTs have utility on Captur, such as staking for a yield and other bonuses. These will be decided together with our community and will depend on the regulatory environment.
Future CAPT Token
CAPT holders are key participants in the Captur ecosystem. They earn yield on their staked tokens by providing portfolio insurance.
More about our vision
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Unique Features
Our ecosystem is designed to optimize incentives, and all baskets are insured against major losses. We like to maximize reward and minimize risk.
Proven Track Record
Captur leverages our success with AlphaSwap - the first platform to solve the incentive problems between creators of trade ideas and investors.
Institutional interest
Significant interest from institutional investors who already see where the world is heading.
1,000+ ideas
Traditional hedge fund managers have been trailing index funds for decades. We're here to beat the market.
40+ countries
A global user base, from London to Bangalore. Talent needn't be restricted by location.
Strong performance
Since its launch, AlphaSwap's ideas have consistently beaten the S&P 500 index.
4,000+ analysts
Equity researchers, analysts, traders, and investors based in 40+ countries. They're excited about Captur.
The revolution will be tokenized. We use AlphaSwap's technology to lead traditional asset management into a decentralized future.
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Our Team
We bring to the table a total of 47 years of experience in top tier traditional finance and 25+ years in crypto projects.
Khing Oei
Founder & CEO
Hedge Fund Founder/CIO
Goldman Sachs, Fortress
Vasile Cojusco
Lawrence Ka Chun Hui
Blockchain Lead Developer
Sander Kok
 Chief Strategy Officer
Henry O'Byrne
Global Marketing Director
Sarah Altemeyer
Business Development
Bert Rigter
Director and Advisor
Frequently Asked Questions
When will the CAPTUR platform go live?

We are rolling out the platform on an expedited basis, using AlphaSwap's tested structure and technology.
Expect Captur 1.0 to go live this summer.

When will the CAPT token launch?

Around three months before the launch of the platform 2.0.

How does staking work?

Staking on Captur is easy, any wallet can be connected.

Why is the CAPT token important?

CAPT is a governance token with an exceptional extra feature. It can be used for two things:
1.  Voting on the parameters of the ecosystem's smart contracts, e.g. which crypto assets are onboarded, the origination of investment products, and fee structure.
2.  Providing portfolio insurance to our Wolves in return for an attractive yield.

Launching Soon
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